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  Beginning of September, 2022 - January 15, 2023  Abstracts submission
February 9th, 2023Decision on submitted abstracts

Researchers, industrials, students and research professionals are invited to submit their works for the oral (15 minutes), flash (2 minutes) and poster presentations on the following topics:

  • Food losses and waste reduction 

Key words: green technologies to transform food losses and waste, by-product valorization, recycling, technologies that extend the life of food, food losses and waste converted to non food products, food waste reduction in foodservices*.

  • Advancements in green food technologies

Key words: green food preservation, purification, separation, extraction and stabilization, impact of technologies on functional, nutritional and sensory properties of food, production of bioactive molecules, modeling and design of green food technologies, impact of technologies on food allergenicity, food packaging, nanotechnologies, new food cooking technologies*.

  • Multicriteria sustainability assessment

Key words: circular economy, environmental impact assessment, social impact assessment, eco-efficiency, food security, sustainable diets, assessment of sustainability in the foodservice sector*.

  • Involvement of stakeholders to integrate new technologies in food value chains 

Key words: food policy, case studies of green technologies implementation in food processing, consumer behaviour, clean label, issues in integration of green technologies, partnership between food precessors and other stakeholders (farmers, traders, distributors, consumers, scientific community, governments, etc.), commercialization of foods issued from green processing, sustainable culinary innovations*.

  • Processing of emergent foods and food ingredients

Key words: insects, algae, plant-based and microbial proteins, mushrooms, hybrid products, meat alternatives and cultured meat, impact of technologies on properties of emergent foods, emergent food ingredients in gastronomy*.

  • Resilience of modern food system

Key words: Impact of COVID-19 and other crises on food supply chain and implementation of green food technologies, risk-resilient diets, food processing perspective to tackle the future risks, resilience of the foodservice sector*.

Keywords*: correspond to the topics related to the special session GastronomiQc Lab's International Rendez-vous - Sustainable food in gastronomy. 


 GastronomiQc Lab 's International Rendez-vous - Sustainable food in gastronomy. 

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