Conference Themes 

For its second edition, Green Food Tech will present several conferences on the following topics: 

- Food systems design using multicriteria evaluation;
- Advances in green food technologies;
- Waste reduction and valorization of by-products;
- Circular economy in food processing;
- Issues associated with sustainable value chains;
- Processing of alternative food resources.

Keynote speakers:

Dr. Christoph HARTMANNAcademic Alliances and Expertise Development Lead, Nestlé Research, Switzerland
      Mega trends driving food innovation and sustainable nutrition

Dr. Silvia EESTRADA-FLORES, Sales Engineer, Alfa Laval, Mexico
      In search of holistic solutions for sustainable local, regional and global food systems

... And also:

Dr. Jen-Yi Huang, Professor, Purdue University, USA
      Formulating nutritionally adequate and environmentally sustainable dietary patterns

Dr. Geneviève Gésan-Guiziou, Senior scientist, INRA, STLO, France
      Environmental design of food processes: approaches & examples in the dairy sector

Dr. Ozan Ciftci, Professor, University of Nebraska - Linkoln, USA
      Development of an integrated green process to obtain a high value, stable and bioavailable lycopene product from tomato processing waste.

Dr. Alain Doyen, Professor, Université Laval, INAF, Canada
      High pressure-based and pressure-driven technologies applied to emerging and alternative food resources

Complete program to come. Stay tuned!

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