Responsible Business Model Canvas (RBMC)

Thursday, April 29th 2021, at 9:00 a.m. - duration of 40 minutes.

Number of participants limited. Registration for GFT2021 is compulsory. You can register to the workshop on the Conferium platform at the same time as registering for the congress or by going back with your access code.

Activity leaders:

• Matthias Pepin, Ph. D., assistant professor, Faculty of Administration Sciences, Université Laval

• Luc Audebrand, Ph. D., full professor, Faculty of Administration Sciences, Université Laval

After the presentation of a concrete example of an innovative company in the food sector, you will get to grips with the Responsible Business Model Canvas (RBMC). This canvas was developed by a team of specialists from the Faculty of Administration Sciences of Université Laval, in Quebec City. The RBMC is a business modeling tool that integrates reflection based on the challenges of sustainable development. Primarily developed for the creation of new businesses, the RBMC is also relevant for those who are planning, or wish to do so, a project or initiative that meets the social, environmental and economic requirements of the 21st century.

This workshop requires an active participation (with camera) of those registered. The concepts discussed by the activity leaders will be put into practice, as small teams.