Dr. Christoph Hartmann

Nestlé Research

Dr. Christoph Hartmann holds a degree in mechanical engineering and a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics. He was appointed Associate Professor at Technische Universität München in 2004, and full professor at the German University in Cairo in 2005. 

Dr. Hartmann joined Nestlé in 2006, studying biophysics of in-mouth food breakdown. From 2012, he set up the Nestlé Food Safety Institute in Beijing, and, in 2016, took over the Consumer Science department in Nestlé Research. 

Since October 2018, Christoph leads Academic Alliances and Expertise Development. He has global responsibility for strategic academic alliances, Expert Networks, and the Nestlé R&D expert career path.

Dr. Silvia Estrada-Flores

Alfa Laval

Dr. Silvia Estrada-Flores is a Food Engineer. In 28 years career, she has held senior roles in CSIRO, Plant & Food Research NZ, Mabe/General Electric, Bayer CropScience, Food South Australia, and more recently, Alfa Laval. 

Some of Silvia’s most satisfying projects were developed through her consultancy business Food Chain Intelligence. Some examples include the development of mathematical models to assess carbon footprints for perishable food distribution systems in Australia, the design of climate-friendly production and postharvest interventions in the Caribbean, a preliminary evaluation of the benefits of a solar refrigeration system for perishable goods in India, and a market study evaluating uses and attitudes to solar pumps for irrigation in Tanzania.

Silvia holds a BSc (Food Eng) from the National University of Mexico and a PhD (Bioprocess & Environmental Eng) from Massey University (New Zealand). She has authored over 40 commercial reports and several book chapters, scientific articles and trade articles. Silvia’s passion is the analysis and synthesis of the linkages between operational aspects of food supply chains, and the wider international context of food security under climate change challenges.