Conference Themes 

For its second edition, Green Food Tech will present several conferences on the following topics: 

  • Food systems design using multicriteria evaluation
  • Advances in green food technologies
  • Waste reduction and valorization of by-products
  • Circular economy in food processing
  • Issues associated with sustainable value chains
  • Processing of alternative food resources


Some confirmed speakers

Dr Christoph Hartmann

Nestlé Research, Switzerland
Keynote Speaker

Mega trends driving food innovation and sustainable nutrition​

Dr. Christoph Hartmann holds a degree in mechanical engineering and a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics. He was appointed Associate Professor at Technische Universität München in 2004, and full professor at the German University in Cairo in 2005. 

Dr. Hartmann joined Nestlé in 2006, studying biophysics of in-mouth food breakdown. From 2012, he set up the Nestlé Food Safety Institute in Beijing, and, in 2016, took over the Consumer Science department in Nestlé Research. 

Since October 2018, Christoph leads Academic Alliances and Expertise Development. He has global responsibility for strategic academic alliances, Expert Networks, and the Nestlé R&D expert career path.

Dr Charis Galanakis

Scientist, ISEKI Food Association, Austria
Keynote Speaker
Innovations in the food sector in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era

Dr Galanakis is an interdisciplinary scientist with experience in food and environmental science and technology, innovation and sustainability, and industry and academia. He first defined the new discipline of “Food Waste Recovery” and established the largest open innovation network ( of ISEKI Food Association, Vienna, Austria). Its ultimate goal is to inspire industry professionals to 1) extract high added value compounds from wasted by-products at all stages of food production (from agriculture to consumer) and 2) reuse the wastes in the food chain.

He is the Executive Director of Galanakis Laboratories and is a consultant for the food industry and expert evaluator / monitor for international and regional funded programs and financial proposals. Dr Galanakis is also the editor of Food and Bioproducts Processing and of Food Research International.

He has published over 150 scientific papers, including over 40 research articles, reviews and monographs, book chapters and conference presentations. He has edited over 25 multi-authored books in the broad field of food and bioresource science and technology.

Information for speakers

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