Thursday, May 18

1Food waste management with an automated, modular system based on Hermetia illucens larvae and heterotrophic alga Galdieria sulphurariaSergiy Smetana, German Institute of Food Technologies, Germany
2Effect of short ultrasound treatment as a chitin pre-treatment: a strategical step to transform shell wastes in chitooligosaccharidesGabriela Vollet Marson, Université Laval, INAF, Canada
3Optimization of wiped-film short path molecular distillation for recovery of cannabinoids from cannabis oil using response surface methodologySai Uday Kumar Reddy Sagili, McGill University
4Effects of pulsed electric fields and polarity reversal on the selectivity of peptides migration from porcine cruor hydrolysate, with electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membraneAurore Cournoyer, Université Laval, INAF, Canada
5Evaluating price sensitivity for plant and animal protein foods by socioeconomic status: A study of grocer loyalty program data from Quebec and Finland    Cameron McRae, McGill University, Canada
1Effect of ultrasound to assist the synthesis of galacto-oligosaccharides with native wheyAndres Cordova, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile
2Food’s Carbon Footprint Surveillance Dashboard for the City of MontrealGhina El Haffar, McGill University and Université Laval, Canada
3Biocontrol of Listeria monocytogenes on ready-to-eat pork-cooked ham by treatment with porcine hemoglobin hydrolysates: A circular economy approach for the slaughterhouse blood valorizationZain Sanchez-Reinoso, Université Laval, INAF, Canada
4A high throughput approach to identify the role of microbial interactions in dairy spoilageAmadou Ndiaye, Université Laval, INAF, IBIS Canada
5Effect of the maturity stage on the physico-chemical composition of pulsesYosra Ben Fadhel, Université Laval, INAF, Canada
GastronomiQc Lab session
1Emulsion properties of novel ingredients : yellow pea and black Beluga lentil pureesGuillaume Morin, Université Laval, INAF, GastronomiQc Lab, Canada
2Effects of Xanthan, Agar, Gelatin, and Pectin on physicochemical and rheological properties of canola protein microgel stabilized Pickering emulsions as a Potential Animal Fat ReplacerMahsa Rezaee, Université Laval, Canada
3Promoting the use of Quebec forest mushrooms in cooking through a better description of their sensory characteristicsFanilo Tsiory Raharimanana, Université Laval, INAF, GastronomiQc Lab, Canada
4Guide of eco-efficient practices in the foodservice sectorMélanie Faucher, Université Laval, Canada
5Revealing the potential of Brewer’s Spent Grains In Human Nutrition: Exploration of Protein Extraction Performance and Functional PropertiesJonathan Gagnon, Université Laval, INAF, Canada
1Milk alternatives from an environmental and nutritional point of view – Life Cycle Assessment of plant-based beverage: Hemp milk and derived productsBeatriz Silva, German Institute of Food Technologies, Germany
2Optimization of protein extraction from water lentils followed by a qualitative study of the extracted proteins and some of their functional propertiesTristan Muller, Université Laval, INAF, Canada
3Effect of bacterial-derived antimicrobial solutions on the preservation of raw chicken legs under refrigerated conditionLiya Zhang, Université Laval, INAF, Canada
4Development of ethyl cellulose shell-coated alginate droplets in w/o emulsions by electrosprayingCharles Ahenkhorah, University of Guelph, Canada 
5Production and characterization of proteins and peptides extracted from brewer's spent grainEya Rouissi, Université Laval, INAF, Canada
6Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of protein hydrolysates produced through enzymatic hydrolysis of chicken cruorDelasa Rahimi Galougahi, Université Laval, INAF, Canada

Friday, May 19

1Impact of pre-concentration on the extraction of protein from tofu whey by a combination of electrodialytic processesRosie Deschênes Gagnon, Université Laval, INAF, Canada
2Synergystic approach of pulsed electric fields and immobilized biocatalysts to obtain biologically active peptides from agro-food proteinsHélorie Clouzot, Université de Lille, France et Université Laval, Canada
3Production of polyphenols-enriched cranberry juice through electrodialysis with filtration membrane: How physicochemical properties of filtration membranes impact anthocyanins migration and selectivity during electrodialysis.Eva Revellat, Université Laval, INAF, Canada
4Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of turkey cruor after pepsic hydrolysis : slaughterhouse blood valorisation in a circular economy approach Houssine Fliss, Université Laval, INAF, Canada